The Vietnamese New Wave Phenomenon

01-17-2017 02:09PM General

New Wave is a term popularized by Vietnamese for a genre of music produced in Europe during the 80s and 90s. Although sung mostly in English, new wave came predominantly from Germany, Italy, and France and is more commonly known as Euro/Italo Disco or Euro Dance/Pop. Not to be confused with New Wave [...]

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The Vietnamese New Wave Phenomenon part3

01-16-2017 02:43PM General

Gina T.In My FantasyIf You Go, My LoveToo Young To LoveTokyo by NightSayonaraLady SaigonOther Notable HitsLian Ross - Say You'll NeverLian Ross - FantasyLinda Rizzo You’re my First, You’re my LastKaty Gray – Hold Me TightCheryl Hardy - It Might Be YouPrimadonna- AngelNew [...]

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The Vietnamese New Wave Phenomenon part2

01-16-2017 02:28PM General

Bad Boy BluesOne of the favorite male New Wave group out of Germany, Bad Boys Blue produced multiple hits and even charted in the U.S. with their song “Save Your Love” which was heard playing on #1 LA radio station KIIS FM.I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl)Pretty Young GirlYou’re a [...]

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