Tet Festival 2018: UVSA vs CEAVA Which Will You Go To?

02-15-2018 12:40PM General

This year the Tet Festival at Mile Square Park is back, directly competing with the annual Tet Festival by UVSA at the OC Fair and Events Center, Costa Mesa once again.  Both festivals will run head on the weekend of Feb. 16 - Feb.18. 2018.After a year off, the festival at Mile Square Park [...]

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Lunar New Year of the Dog 2018

02-01-2018 04:48PM General

The rooster is about to fly its coup, not to be back for another 12 years. Perhaps it didn't want to become food for the dog sneaking right behind it. Yes, 2018 is year of the dog, and while dogs can look and be ferocious, everyone knows they are really gentle intelligent creatures and man's ( [...]

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