Best Places to Eat Bun Bo Hue in Little Saigon

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Best Places to Eat Bun Bo Hue in Little Saigon

Bun Bo Hue is a popular vermicelli (bún) and beef (bò) noodle soup, which for some people, is second only to pho. Personally, we prefer it over pho for its rich flavors and spicy broth soup. Everyone has their own tastes however, and with bun bo hue, it certainly willl come down to many individual preferences such as the broth, spiciness, ingredients and so on. When deciding where a good place to eat bun bo hue in Little Saigon, we took many things into consideration and not just the  overal taste. At the end of the day, the bun bo hue served at these restaurants in LIttle Saigon will surely to make you  sweat while your taste buds dance with joy.

Thuan Kieu Noodle & Grill

This is a medium sized restaurant is medium sized with mostly table seating, nothing fancy . The prices are good with discounts on the Bun Bo Hue often. The broth is flavorful and rich in lemongrass which adds to the tasty bun bo hue experience. The herbs and veggies are all there to add to your soup, and the noodles were cooked properly.  A good amount of meat is given which is also quite tender with not much fat or tendons.

Pros: generous portions, tasty broth, tender meat
Cons: meat is good but quality doesn't seem consistent


Hue Oi

From the its name, you can expect good cuisine from the region of Hue in central Vietnam, especially Bun Bo Hue. This medium sized restaurant is located right across from Mile Square Park. The interior is clean and modern looking. Cherry wood chairs and purple purple booths with matching hanging lights provide a vibrant colorful environment. 

The bun bo hue here comes out very hot but not spicy. That's because you can add your own spiciness with the chilli paste and peppers in the condiments tray. We find the  broth very tasty and and enjoy sipping on it.  The restaurant gives just enough portions of meat and other ingredients to satisify your cravings. Overall the clean and relaxed atmosphere with good bun bo hue makes for a yummy dining experience.

Pros: tasty broth, clean venue and atmosphere, make your own spice
Cons:  one size bowl and could be bigger.

Ngu Binh Restaurant

This place is known for its bun bo hue and usually has a wait during busy hours. The restaurant is medium sized with decent service for a crowded restaurant. The order is generally comes out in a timely manner and piping hot like bun bo hue should be. The broth is good but not as flavorful as some other places. It comes in varying degrees of spiciness, which you tell the waiter when ordering. We usually choose medium spiciness, and It is already spicy enough to make you wipe the sweat from your forehead often.  

The bun bo hue  comes with all the helpings like beef, pigs blood, flank, etc. and veggies like cilantro, onions, sprouts, lettuce and lime. A large bowl gives a very generous amount of meat, which we  often can not finish. The meat quality, hovwever, is not as good as some other places. For bun bo hue, this place will satisfy most people. 

Pros: super hot soup, fast service, lots of meat 
Cons: long wait when busy, meat could be better quality

Bun Bo Hue So 1

This restaurant specializes in bun bo hue as is obvious by its name. This place has been a round for long time, nestled in the little corner plaza on brookhurst st. and Cunningham Ave. The inside is small  and plain and with simple table seating. It may not be the spot for those want a more modern ambience, but the service is generally good. 

The bun bo hue comes out quick and steaming hot with a plate of shredded lettuce and other ingredients, including The broth is spicy and flavorful with the taste of lemon grass which we find missing in many places. All the usual helpings of briskets, pig fee, blood cubes and other goodies are there. The meat and noodles were above average although we wished for larger portions 

Pros: been around long time, good taste
Cons: small little restaurant, small parking lot, not the best ambiance, average portions

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