CA Governor Newsom plans on releasing 8,000 more prisoners by end of July.

by on 07-12-2020 in News

Citing COVID-19, CA Governor Newsom has already recently released dozens of prisoners including those convicted of violent crimes. Some of these criminals have been on file with the California Innocence Project which seeks justice for criminals thought to be innocent of murder, even though they have already been convicted in a court of law. Some cases involved child deaths and in another case a pregnant woman was a murder victim. Now the governor plans to release as many as 8,000 more by end of July to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

This development, which the state announced on Friday, comes after the head of medical services for the state’s prison system was replaced following an inmate infection spike after more than 100 prisoners where transferred from the California Institution for Men in Chino from San Quentin.

“These actions are taken to provide for the health and safety of the incarcerated population and staff,” corrections Secretary Ralph Diaz said in a written statement. “We aim to implement these decompression measures in a way that aligns both public health and public safety.”

So now the health and safety of the public is in danger instead. Welcome to California, land of the free.



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