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2020 Tet Lunar New Year of the Metal Rat

01-17-2020 07:37PM General

The Lunar New Year comes early on the 25th of January this year and ringing in the new year, and decade, is the rat. The rat is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac, so it is like the beginning of something new. 2020 seems like a very significant year with so much happening around this country and [...]

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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Orange County

05-02-2019 03:46PM General

The month of May is designated national Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month. In observance of this special month, cultural exhibits and events will be held throughout the country showcasing the vast variety of Asian Pacific cultures and their contributions to America.

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What da heo? It's 2019 Year of the Pig!

02-07-2019 08:48PM General

This Lunar New Year arrived earlier on Feb. 5th ringing in the Year of the Pig. Although pigs often thought of as lazy, naive and overindulgent, those born in the sign of the pig are generally very compassionate, honest and loyal. They are pleasant to be around as they tend to be generous and [...]

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