Little Xe Đông : Bolsa’s Traffic Dilemna

by Moh Baugheri on 04-09-2017

Little Xe Đông : Bolsa’s Traffic Dilemna

As if driving in Little Saigon wasn’t frustrating enough with all the bad Asian drivers,traffic is getting so congested people are starting to think, “Oh what the heo” and ignoring all traffic laws. Cars ars are just sitting in the middle of the intersection blocking traffic. Horns are starting to sound out when horns were never heard before. Even cops are having difficulty.The other day a police interceptor on the corner of Brookhurst and Westminster was blasting his air horn for a minute trying to get people to move out of the intersection, although it did little good, because the people have no driving sense. To be fair, the bad traffic is mostly during rush hour and weekends, and it is nothing compared to LA traffic, but damn this is the suburbs!

The City of Westminster is keenly aware of the increasing traffic problems. Last October, in partnership with the OC Transportation Authority, the city started the Little Saigon Shuttle bus program.Little Saigon Shuttle Bus Westminster The shuttle provided free rides that circled around Little Saigon along the streets of Bolsa Ave., Brookhurst St., Bishop Pl. and Magnolia St. You could park your car and take the shuttle around Little Saigon, which ran every 20 minutes, 7 days a week from 10AM – 6PM. I'm not sure how many people actually used this shuttle service or were even aware that it existed, but unfortunately Little Saigon Route 164 was discontinued on May 1st, 2017. I’m guessing there weren’t enough people taking advantage of this service since Vietnamese are so obsessed with looking good in their fancy cars.

Ho Chi Minh City Motorbike Traffic

Other efforts to address the traffic issue include pouring money into improving traffic flow and infrastructure in both Garden Grove and Westminster. On May 22nd,Garden Grove began construction to improve the roads along Magnolia St from Garden Grove Blvd to the 22 Fwy which will run through October 2017! The street will be reduced to one lane which is sure to exasperate the situation and make people lose their minds (if that haven't already) until the project is completed. Obviously, Magnolia St. should be avoided at all costs! Perhaps everyone should start riding mopeds like they do in Vietnam, but then again that doesn’t seem to help too much over there. Hopefully they can come up with more solutions, as any efforts to alleviate this traffic dilemma in Little Saigon are welcomed. Unfortunately, there is no fixing the problem of bad Vietnamese drivers. It is a Nguyen-Lu situation.