RARE Vietnamese Phu Quoc Ridgeback Puppies

by Peter Vo on 02-24-2017 in Story

RARE Vietnamese Phu Quoc Ridgeback Puppies

We have 3 VERY RARE Phu Quoc puppies for sale:  

#1:  11-week old female with beautiful golden brown coat. She's a ridgeless ridgeback that will make a wonderful family pet. She's very affectionate and sweet. Incredibly intelligent, feisty, eager to learn and please. Vaccines up to date.

#2: 11-week old little girl. Runt of the litter; perfect for people who want a ridgeback but is afraid of the size they might grow into. Adult full grown will about about 40-60 pounds. This girl is super sweet; incredibly intelligent, eager to please, and learns very quickly. Has beautiful ridge with amazing unusual brindle swirls and stripes. Will be stunning and incredibly exotic-looking when fully grown. 

#3: VIETNAMESE PhuQuoc ridgeback boy. This 11 week old little boy is RIDGELESS but with beautiful unusual brindle TIGER STRIPES of beige, grey and brown and false ridge of brown band running down the entire length of his back. Will be absolutely STUNNING when fully grown. Full size will be no more than 60 pounds of pure muscle and energy. All vaccines up to date.

Dad was sired by pair imported directly from Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam - a process that is very tedious, expensive and time consuming. Only a handful of these are in the US. They are usually sold within and rarely make it out of the Vietnamese community. 

For more info, contact vietdogs@yahoo.com


The Phu Quoc Ridgeback (or 'Beautiful Island Ridgeback') is a rare dog breed that gets its name from the island from which it originates -- Phu Quoc in Vietnam's southern Kien Giang Province. It is one of only three Ridgeback breeds in the world, the other two being the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Thai Ridgeback. The Vietnamese branch of Ridgebacks is the smallest of these three and will grow to be about 30-40 pounds of pure energy and muscle.

These striking creatures are part of a very small, select group -- because the breed has been isolated on an island for so long the Phu Quoc Ridgeback has an unusually pure bloodline and unmixed gene pool. As a result, there are only 700 pure bred dogs registered and recognized by the Vietnam Kennel Club. Currently, the Vietnamese Kennel Association is working to create a recognized breed standard for the Phu Quoc Ridgeback but they are still considered very rare, even in Vietnam. At the moment this breed is not recognized by international kennel clubs, simply because of its rarity, but this is likely to change as more and more people become interested in Phu Quoc Ridgebacks.

Due to the fact that there are not many of them at the moment, Phu Quoc Ridgebacks are not able to enter many international dog shows as there are simply too few to be able to judge the breed stand.  

For more info, contact vietdogs@yahoo.com