Tết 2016: Year of the Monkey

by on 12-08-2015 in Events

It may seem premature with Christmas and New Years just around the corner, but the biggest Vietnamese holiday of the year is only 2 months away and plans are well under way for Tết 2016, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year and the Year of the Monkey. In the tradition of Little Saigon, a parade, organized by the Vietnamese American Federation of Southern California, will be held along Bolsa Ave. in Westminster on Feb. 13 starting at 9 a.m. The parade will feature a wide variety of cultural displays including: marching bands, floats, lion dances, veterans and youth organizations, and much more. Elected officials are scheduled to make appearances and this coming year will feature a wider array of multi-cultural participants from around the community in their traditional attires. About 95 organizations are expected to participate. The parade will be broadcasted by 30 news and media outlets and will also be streamed live on youtube. Over 3 million Vietnamese are expected to watch this event in the U.S. and worldwide. More information about the parade can be  found at tetparade.org

in addition to the parade, there is the annual Tết festival hosted by the Union of Vietnamese Students Associations (UVSA). Unfortunately it won’t be held in Little Saigon, but nearby at the Orange County Fair & Events Center in Costa Mesa. Considered to be the largest Tết celebration outside of Vietnam, the festival will run for three days from Friday Feb 12- Sunday Feb. 14. This festival attracts more than 100,000 people each year and features plenty of food, exhibits, entertainment and more in celebration of the Vietnamese culture and Lunar New Year. The Miss Vietnam of Southern California will also be hosted here promoting the the strength,grace and beauty of the Vietnamese American woman. The Tết festival is a great benefit to the community as half of the proceeds will be given back to the community. Up to date information can be found at the UVSA website www.uvsa.org and www.tetfestival.org.

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