Tet Festival 2018: UVSA vs CEAVA Which Will You Go To?

by J. Huynh on 02-15-2018 in General

Tet Festival 2018: UVSA vs CEAVA Which Will You Go To?

This year the Tet Festival at Mile Square Park is back, directly competing with the annual Tet Festival by UVSA at the OC Fair and Events Center, Costa Mesa once again.  Both festivals will run head on the weekend of Feb. 16 - Feb.18. 2018.

After a year off, the festival at Mile Square Park, which has only hosted two Tet festivals, is now under the new management of CEAVA based in Westmister with cosponsor OC Parks. The Mile Square Park Tet festival has the advantage of being right in the heart of Little Saigon. It is also free making it an attractive destination for locals. From the promotional posters, It is also likely to attract an older and more Vietnamese crowd.

The UVSA (Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of Southern California)  has been organzing Tet festivals for over 30 years, so they have greater experience in delivering a good show. It's location in Costa Mesa, however, is a bit distance away from Little Saigon, making it a small inconvience to drive to for the local Vietnamese community. It also has a general admission of $6. Being organized by students and because of its location, this event is likely to attract a younger crowd of a variety of people from more  areas of the state.

So which festival will you go to? Both festivals offer plenty of live entertainment, carnival  rides, delicious foods, firecrackers show, and more.  Since both festivals run for 3 days, perhaps you can go to both. Either way, you can't go wrong spending a weekend of excitement and  fun with family and friends in celebration of the Lunar New Year of the Dog Vietnamese style.