Vietnamese-American Experience Exhibit

Vietnamese-American Experience Exhibit

FREE with general admiission. $7 General Admission ages 13 & up $5 Seniors and Children ages 3 - 12 Children Under 3 years are free

The exhibit, “Building Communities: The Vietnamese-American Experience”, is free with general paid admission and is open on select dates June 1 through July 30 during visitor public hours at the historic museum at 3101 W. Harvard Street. Santa Ana, Ca 92704, just west of Fairview Avenue in Central Orange County.

The Heritage Museum is partnering with Viet Stories: Vietnamese American Oral History Project at the University of California Irvine (UCI) to showcase the exhibit, designed to “remember the past and capture the transformation of Vietnamese communities in the U.S., the largest outside of Vietnam,” according to Kevin Cabrera, Executive Director.

“This history exhibition presents snapshots of dynamic and vibrant communities,” he said, adding that “since the end of the Vietnam War (technically it was a conflict since no war was declared) in 1975, significant numbers of Vietnamese refugees and immigrants have arrived in this country and the population now comprises approximately two million. Many Vietnamese were forced to destroy their family documents, photographs and mementos in order to survive, while others lost these materials during the chaos of war and evacuation. The rare artifacts and photographs, along with the narratives on display, illustrate the different immigration paths, occupations, family histories and perspectives of the population. There is no singular Vietnamese American experience.”

June 1, 2018 - July 31, 2018

Public Hours: July 2018
1 Sunday: 11am-3pm
6 Friday: 1pm-3:30pm
7 Saturday: 10am-2pm
8 Sunday: 11am-2pm
13 Friday: 1pm-5pm
14 Saturday: 10am-2pm
15 Sunday: 11am-4pm
20 Friday: 1pm-5pm
21 Saturday: 10am-2pm
22 Sunday: 11am-3pm
27 Friday: 1pm-5pm
28 Saturday: 10am-2pm
29 Sunday: 11am-3pm


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