Garlic & Chives

  • 9892 Westminster Ave
    Garden Grove, CA 92844
(714) 591-5196

Garlic & Chives is located in the Mall of Fortune, the frontside of where Brodard is currently located.  They serve an assortment of modernized Vietnamese dishes and have a pretty cool open kitchen.  They have nice decor and often has a wait during dinner and on the weekends.

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 06-17-2015 10:55AM

Needs More Flavor

Came here for lunch for the first time the other day. I guess I was expecting too much considering there was a waiting list. The place was small and the setting just plain with paper draped over the tables. But it was the food that I had the biggest issue with. Most of the items we ordered just really didn't have any flavor to them. For a place named after some flavorful herbal ingredients, I was disappointed. The only item I really liked were the lamb skewer appetizers which I admit would be great with beer.

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Gina L.


I love this place!!! Their salmon belly is so good!! My Aunt's name is also Kristin, so I say she owns the place sometimes. P.S. the salmon belly I like...