Saigon Art Academy

  • 15751 Brookhurst Street, Suite 104
    Westminster, CA 92683
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Saigon Art Academy offers our art students a noncompetive creative environment in which everyone builds up their basics and learn to enrich self-esteem through creative expression.We provide art lessons on various ages, levels, and subjects.Besides studio art classes, SAA holds many social art activities included exhibitions, public art lessons, field trips, and competition. SAA offers students opptunities to practice as professional artists and enjoy community art events.

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Myle Phan
 09-25-2015 12:43PM


Great after school program for kids! They will learn the art skills that help them for their daily school program. Through art classes, kids can learn to be patient, details,... Art helps them to study geometry easier due to visual skills.

Suppp bruh?