Little Saigon Orange County Area Map

Heart of Little Saigon   

Little Saigon in Orange County is it the largest population of Vietnamese outside of Vietnam. Today, the heart of Little Saigon can be found around the perimeter of a mile square block bordered by Bolsa Ave, Brookhurst St, Westminster Ave., and Magnolia St. which includes areas of the cities of Garden Grove and Westminster..Here you can find the greatest concentration of Vietnamese businesses with most running along the origin of Little Saigon on Bolsa Ave where Asian Garden Mall and Bolsa Mini Mall is located. Many shops also line Brookhurst St and Westminster Ave.

From the perimeter of the heart, Vietnamese businesses branch out another mile and become a little less dense as their plazas become smaller, mix with other non-VIetnamese businesses, or are separated by home properties.To the North of Little Saigon, the VIetnamese shops mix in with the Korean District on Garden Grove Blvd. To the East  on Euclid St., there are a few small Vietnamese plazas, and to the West along  Beach Blvd and South on Edinger they are mixed with American businesses.

Beyond that and throughout Orange County you can still find Vietnamese businesses, mostly restaurants because Vietnamese food is so good!