Little Saigon in Orange County


Spirit of SaigonLittle Saigon is the name given to some Vietnamese communities that were established in the United States after the fall of Saigon during the Vietnam War. 40 years have passed since this civil war conflict which resulted in a unified communist Vietnam. The Vietnamese  immigrants who fled to America  still carry on the pride of South Vietnam to this day and do not recognize the communist flag. The South Vietnam flag, colored yellow with three red stripes, still flies proudly here in America and is enduring symbol of democracy and the former nation. Any public reference to the communist flag or nation will deeply offend the residents, a proud community that has overcome their early plight through courage, hard work, commitment, and a positive attitude.

Four decades have passed and the resulting outcome is undeniably amazing as the Vietnamese have transformed themselves into a growing force in ever aspect of American business and culture. The community has also remained strong economically and culturally. As the community continues to expand, a mixture of traditional and modern sentiments have evolved. Second generation Vietnamese and beyond have only lived their life in America and consider themselves as Vietnamese Americans, looking little at the violent past that brought them to United States. They may not understand the struggles of the past, however traditional upbringing and feelings of solidarity still brings the community together in times of need.

Little Saigon in Orange County is the largest Vietnamese community in the America and an official name recognized by the cities of Garden Grove, Westminster, and Fountain Valley. The businesses and community in this area have created a unique environment that have become a must see attraction for anyone visiting the Orange County area. From large manufacturing firms and medical professionals to shops, restaurants and clubs, Little Saigon offers plenty to see, eat, and enjoy for those who want to sample the Vietnamese culture. It is also situated next to a Korean and Mexican district, nestled in the heart of Orange County less than 20 min from the beach and an hour away from Los Angeles. The future looks bright as the city of Westminster and the community look to become a greater attraction in the near future.

Little Saigon Now was established as a directory of Vietnamese businesses in here Southern California in an effort to bring together the best that Little Saigon has to offer for others to see. Discover authentic Vietnamese food, shopping, and entertainment and experience an exciting new world right here in America.