Quan Vi Food To Go

  • 10563 Bolsa Ave
    Garden Grove, CA 92843
(714) 263-0134

Former owner of Kim Long Hue, Quan Vi sells a variety of 'mon an Hue'  and also caters to parties and weddings.

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steve quan nguyen
 01-23-2016 07:07PM


A popular alternative vietnames Hue Region unlike pho and rice dish.
Quan vi offer more varieties.

AMONG few of my favorite:
Mi quang dish is great . Shrimp noodle sprinkle with nut, vegie bean spround salad and pork. Mix with their proprietary sauce. One of a kind Noodle for Any season. Not many place have this taste in little saigon Around westminster or Garden Grove.

Bun Bo Hue their signature food Beef soup, Spicy and none-spicy. Pork meat vegie mix with pork and sliced meat, great for cold season andTherapeutic .

Cater for parties such as combination fried rice and fried shrimp dumpling. With eggroll and sauces.

Popular Beer munchie. food. Nem a type if sour marinated pork wrap with banana leaf. Great for passtime munchie.

Food to go such as small dish lunchen portion and many more available hand roll FINGER FOOD and COFFEE which also good at great price.

As for cleanliness for anyone concern which is an important factor.
The first thing i look for is the bathroom when walking into any restaurants . It is clean as you walk by the kitchen and the health department rating to this store is an A.


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Via He (70)

Tu H.


I love the food here, I haven't had any of the street food for awhile so this is the perfect place to try out. Me and mu friend order 2 bot chien, 2 dishes...