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 09-16-2019 10:31PM

not recommend sheila

Got sheila Le number from Little Saigon talk show. she sounds very knowledgeable on the radio (most likely because it was prepared speech). She is very nice person. very friendly. She made me feel comfortable at the first meeting. She went through all number and explain to me at the 1st meeting. However, during the actual process, her answer to my questions were mostly vague and very confusing. It makes me feel like she purposes trying to confuse me. For example, I have asked multiple times what the out of pocket cash (meaning all closing cost). She stated $1200. I would not pay more than that amount. She mentioned that if anything more than what she promised; she will reimburse me. On the loan estimate, cash to close were $7416. I asked her again, if the cash to close was correct and if I needed to have that cash amount to close. Her answer was it just an estimate, closing amount would be different and if anything would reimburse. Cash is close ended up higher than promise. the 1st closing document shown $8274, then it changed to $3334. Also, skipping a payment does not mean saving any money. Still paid the per-diem interest toward new loan but did not pay anything toward principle. Sheila explained this concept on her radio show. But then she tried to tell me “you saved money because you don’t need to pay mortgage for a month.”) The comparison number between old loan and new loan is also wrong. They used the wrong number from the old loan. In paper, number looks very appealing that the new loan would save me so much money. After I used the correct number to calculate myself, I did not gain anything to refinance. The interest rate and monthly payment are lower. However, the closing cost + the per-diem interest out of pocket for new loan + the extension of the new loan ends up cost me the same as old loan in the long run. (Old loan is 30 years. I already paid 2 years for old loan. New loan is also 30 years. So, I extend the house loan to 32 years for no benefit).

Suppp bruh?