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Woman Convicted of Buddhist Temple Vandalism Last Year Now Suspected of Theft

03-18-2016 02:26PM News

Santa Ana Police are looking for the woman who stole a statue from Chua Truc Lam Yen Tu Buddhist Temple on 1924 W. Second St on March 6. The woman is also suspected of stealing two other statues from the same temple on Feb. 26.

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City Says Vietnamese Cafe Is Just Too Naughty, Files Lawsuit

03-14-2016 11:27AM News

For the first time in Vietnamese coffee shop history, a city,Stanton, has file a lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court againt a coffee shop, GZ Cafe, to shut it down. The city cites that this cafe is justy too naughty. Vietnamese bikini cafes are well known for their...well, bikini wearing [...]

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