The viral racist rant of a tech ceo against an Asian family.

by on 07-05-2020 in News

A Silicon Valley startup founder was caught on camera unleashing a racist tirade on an Asian family seated opposite him at a California restaurant, according to report. Michael Lofthouse, the CEO of IT company Solid8, launched the unprovoked attack on other diners as they celebrated a birthday Saturday at Bernardus Lodge and Spa’s Lucia restaurant in Carmel Valley.

While gesturing at the family, Lofthouse could be heard saying, “Trump’s going to f–k you!” “You f–kers need to leave,” he said to them as he stood up and put on his coat. A waitress intervened, telling the man, “You do not talk to a guest like that, you need to leave now.”

But Lofthouse continued his verbal attack, saying, “You f–king Asian piece of s–t.” “Who are these f–kers?” he asked the waitress, to which she replied,

“They are valued guests.”

“Are they? They are valued guests in America?” Lofthouse said.

Jordan Chan, whose family was attacked by Lofthouse, said she doesn’t know why the man targeted them. Michael Lofthouse made racist remarks against an Asian family at Bernardus Lodge and Spa’s Lucia restaurant in Carmel Valley, California.

“We were singing ‘Happy Birthday,'” Chan told the news station. “We were just taking pictures and goofing around with each other and then all of a sudden the man, Michael Lofthouse, starts making really loud racist remarks at us.”

Some people are just ignorant and foolish.

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